Saturday, November 15, 2008

In Memory of my Mother

Daughter, wife, mother
There was no other
like her.
In youth, she stood straight and tall
Eager for all
that life would offer.
Strong willed
Hard working
Tough talking
Clothes sewer
Vegetable grower
And canner
Flower planter
Chicken raiser
Doily maker
Chef and baker
Bingo player
Rodent slayer
Learned early to do without
Or just make do
Clever at making something from nothing
Both giving and demanding
Good at reprimanding
Afraid of heights and water
Fierce in defense of others
Hammer wielding
Never yeilding
Quick to anger and answer
Quick to laughter or tears
Quick to give a helping hand
Or a boot in the rear
A long hard life
A good life
Until time and illness bent her frame
And slowed her steps
Leaving her helpless to tears and suffering
Her husband always beside her
Loving her
Caring for her
Until God in his mercy called her home
Ten years ago today.
There was no other
Like our mother
We miss her more each day.

Author: My sister

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