Friday, November 14, 2008

"Its No Secret"

Why is it we fear the topic of death,
Are we afraid of dieing,
Or do we fear letting go?

Death shouldn't be painful,
But it is
-emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually
Death is witnessed everyday
-catastrophe, suicide, overdrive

Some of the old are left to die alone
A child is helped to die with ease,
Not left alone to struggle with that breath or disease
The old have lived, that much is known
Been there done that, but left alone

Witnessing, waiting, anticipating
One last breath
A dieing request
Fear of retreat,
What is beneath?
Hopes of floating
The ultimate glory
Finding inner peace in times of despair
Believing that there is,
Something better out there

The breath in and no return
That person is gone, there is no more concern
What is left now are none short of memories, pictures, and cares
How quickly those fade
In times of despair

New life begins as one is forgotten
Don't think too much into this
Death is not rotten.

Author: My middle daughter 2004

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